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Fedeli weighs in on quarterly numbers

Vic Fedeli says there’s more evidence that shows the Liberals are using money from the sale of Hydro One to lower the deficit.  Fedeli says the latest quarterly numbers have the Liberals crowing that the deficit is coming down.  But Fedeli says the drop is artificial and adds even the Financial Accountability Officer recognizes that.   The MPP says the Liberals paint one picture with their numbers and the FAO paints another.

He says voters have to ask themselves one question and that is who do they believe.  He says is it the Premier who claimed the gas plant scandal was $40 million dollars and in fact cost more than $1 billion or the FAO who has no political axe to grind.  Fedeli says because the Liberals won’t curb spending, the deficit will skyrocket in two years because that’s when they run out of money from the Hydro One sale they’re now applying to the deficit.

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