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Police asking residents to not take part in “Creep Catching” activities

Northern Ontario police units are warning of the dangers of so called Creep Catching. That is when adults post photos and messages online, pretending to be young teens. They wait for an answer from certain respondents who engage in conversation with the teen. The Creep Catcher will then arrange to meet the respondent in a public place, in an effort to confront them about what police call alleged, and unsubstantiated pedophilic activity.

The Timmins Police Service says this practice is unsafe, as there is no way to know how the person confronted will react. Police also point out that they would face considerable legal and evidentiary hurdles to proceed with charges against the confronted person.

The police says they have an active e-crime section, that is actively and competently investigating illegal activities online.  TPS says Creep Catching is a form of unnecessary vigilantism which could have serious and negative outcomes. They say law enforcement must be left to the professionals as they are trained, experienced, and lawfully granted with arrest authorities.

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