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Election sees record number of candidates

A record number of candidates have stepped forward to run in the fall election in our local coverage area.
Communities have anywhere from eight to 18 candidates running, many of those for council seats.
While most North Shore municipalities will see elections, Blind River has had to extend its nomination deadline to August 24th to fill a vacant councillor position.
Acclaimed incumbents Mayor Sally Hagman and councillors Jim Dunbar, Jennifer Posteraro, Betty Ann Dunbar and Paula Summers will be joined by newcomer Joe Connell with one vacancy to be filled.
Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands’ Al McNevin, Baldwin Townships’ Vern Gorham, Tony Moor of the Township of the North Shore, Ken Noland in the Township of Burpee & Mills and Township of Billings’ Bryan William Barker have all been acclaimed as mayors in their respective municipalities.

Espanola has a four-way race for mayor with Jill Beer not running again, which includes past mayor Ron Piche, former councillor Maureen Van Alstine and newcomers Doug Gervais and Dennis Lendrum with 15 candidates vying for six council positions.

The council candidates are as follows: Sue Allen, Ken Duplessis, Ron Duplessis, Sandra Hayden, Aidan Kallioinen, Angela Kelly, Raymond Kozachenko, Joe Kozlowski, Heather Malott, Joel Marion, Gerry Massicotte, John Maville, Johnathan Nadeau, Ashley Porteous and Shelaine Williamson.

Baldwin Township has acclaimed Mayor Vern Gorman, but there are eight candidates running for the four council positions.

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The candidates for council are David Fairbairn, Bert McDowell, Texas MacDonald, Ray Maltais, Jason Cote, Marc Gerald Lepine, John Patenaude, and Josef Robert Porteous.

Nairn & Hyman Township has newcomer Amy Mazey taking on Seppo Vataja who has had previous experience serving on council vying for the mayor’s seat with nine candidates running for four council positions.

The nine are: Wayne Austin, Kathy Bourrier, Donna Marie Cortolezzis, Guy Despatie, Brigita Gingras, Shelly Lowery, Roderick MacDonald, Trevor McVey and Riet Wigzell.

Sables-Spanish Rivers Township long-time mayor Leslie Gamble decided not to run leaving the mayor’s race open for Kevin Burke, Marty Martel and Robert Steinke with 14 candidates for council. They are Casimir Burns, Brian Channon, Harold Crabs, Edith Fairburn, Patricia Hnatuik, Merri-Ann Hobbs, Rodney Junkala, Mike Mercieca, Cheryl Phillips, Kareem Roberts, Kendra Rogers, Stacey Shiels, Charlie Smith and Dale Spiers.

Elliot Lake’s incumbent Mayor Dan Marchisella is being challenged incumbent councillor Chris Patrie, and newcomers Geraldine Robinson and Mike Thomas with 18 candidates running to fill the six positions on council.

The 17 are Richard Laurin, Gary Kirk, Tammy Van Roon, Tammy Brown, Bruce Ibbitson, Len Kutchaw, Margaret Pollard, Ken Young, Tom Turner, Sandy Finamore, Norman Mann, Rick Bull, Helen Lefebvre, Andrew Wannan, Charles Flintoff, Luc D. Morrissette and Merrill Seidel.

Tony Moor has been acclaimed as the Mayor of the Township of the North Shore, as has Robin Green as Councillor at Large and Len Menard for Ward Two. There will be elections for Ward One with candidates Richard Welburn and Mike Roach working on winning the seat. Ward Three will also see an election between two candidates: Melody Rose and Tracey Simon.

There is a race for mayor in Town of Spanish between Jocelyne Bishop and Karen Von Pickartz with six people vying for the four positions on council including Danno Cardinal, Ted Clague, Debra Joncas, Aime Rousseau, Sandra Trudel and Mary-Louise Zarichney.

Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands has acclaimed its’ mayor Al MacNevin and Ward 1 councillor Laurie Cook and Ward 3 George Williamson.

There are seven candidates in Ward Two and five in Ward Four. The seven in Ward Two are Alan Boyd

Zak Nicholls, Barbara Joan Baker, Mike Erskine, Melissa Peters, Bill Koehler and Elaine Milne. The five in Ward Four are Jim Ferguson, Bruce Wood, Lee-Ann Ferguson, Patti Aelick and Dawn Orr.

There are three candidates vying for mayor of the Municipality of Central Manitoulin.

They are Maja Mielonen, Steven Shaffer and Richard Stephens.

Divided into wards, the municipality has acclamations in Ward One with Brian Mitchell and Derek Stephens for the Campbell area and Ward Two with John Bisaillon and William Dale Scott for Carnarvon.

There is a race in Ward Three with Rosemarie Diebolt, Linda Farquhar and Lois Middaugh Keller vying to represent the Sanfield area.

Mayor Ken Noland has been acclaimed in the Township of Burpee & Mills but there is a race for the four positions on council between Art Hayden, Nicole Middleton, Kim Middleton, Ed Wright, Mike Wright, Melanie Blain, David Deeg, Steve Dinsmore, Larry Pfeifer and Roger Morrell.

There is a race in Gore Bay for both mayor and council to fill seven positions. Vying for mayor are Maureen Armstrong and Ron Lane. The seven candidates vying for the six council seats are Paulie Nodecker, Aaron Wright, Kelly Chaytor, Terry Olmstead, Leeanne Woestenenk, Dan Osborne and Ken Blodget.

The Township of Billings has acclaimed its mayor, Bryan William Barker, but there is a race for council with candidates David John Hillyard, Jim Cahill, Vincent Paul Grogan, Mike Larocque, Michael Hunt and Paul Darlaston looking to fill the four positions.

The Township of Assiginack has yet to release a copy of certified candidates.

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