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The GLOBAL REPORT – delays at airports, conservative candidates and more …

Delays at airports due to staff shortage

The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority is warning that long lineups could continue at many airports, as it works to solve a staffing shortage.

The federal agency says its contractors are experiencing the same problems with hiring and retaining staff as much of the rest of the economy, and it’s doing its best to re-allocate resources.

One of the issues, it says, is that more airline passengers are choosing to travel with carry-on baggage and that delays security screenings. Delays of more than two hours at security have been reported in Toronto and Vancouver this week.

Conservative leadership race candidates finalized

The federal Conservative party is confirming that six candidates have made the final cut in the party’s leadership race.

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The six have all paid the required fees and submitted the signatures of 500 party members supporting their candidacy.

Included are MP Pierre Poilievre former federal cabinet minister Jean Charest, and former Ontario Tory MPP Patrick Brown.

Also on the list are Ontario MP-s Scott Aitcheson and Leslyn Lewis, and independent Ontario MPP Roman Baber.

There’ll be a candidates’ debate in Edmonton on May 11th.

The party will announce the winner on September 10th.

Facial recognition policy needed

Canada’s privacy commissioner says tighter regulations are needed to govern the use of facial recognition technology by police.

The federal, provincial, and territorial commissioners say it should not be allowed to monitor people involved in peaceful protests.

Their latest report says the technology should only be authorized if it’s based on credible intelligence reports to prevent or investigate serious crimes.

The commissioners say there needs to be a comprehensive set of rules to cover its use by police.

Smuggling in guns via drone

Police in southwestern Ontario is investigating a disturbing new trend.

They’ve found a large drone, stuck in a tree, which was carrying eleven handguns.

The Ontario Provincial Police believe the drone’s flight began in the United States, a short distance away.

So far, no arrests have been made.

Few escape Mariupol

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says only 100 people were evacuated from Mariupol yesterday, despite an agreement with Russia to allow civilians out of the devastated southern port city.

An estimated 100-thousand people are still living there.

Ukraine’s military says Russian forces continue pushing back their troops in eastern regions, where Russian-backed separatists have been active since 2014.

And there are fears that Russia is planning to move on the Black Sea port of Odesa to link up with Russian separatists in the neighbouring country of Moldova.

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