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The GLOBAL REPORT … the budget, another Ottawa protest and genocide

Parliament calls it genocide

Our members of Parliament have voted unanimously to describe Russia’s actions in Ukraine as a “genocide” of the Ukrainian people.

The motion approved notes there have been dozens of reports of sexual assault, the killing of unarmed civilians, and the forced deportation of populations to Russian territory.

In Ukraine itself, the country’s military command says Russian troops are making slow progress in efforts to seize the eastern Donbas region, where Russian-backed separatists have been operating since 2014.

They also say Russia has stepped up its attacks along the southern Black Sea coast, as it apparently readies a move on the city of Odesa.

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Ontario budget

The Ford government will finally introduce its latest budget today, two months later than expected and it’s expected to set off the race to the June 2nd provincial election.

Several reports this morning say one provision in the document will be the expansion of the Low-Income Workers tax credit.

Eligibility will be expanded from those earning up to 38-thousand dollars a year, to those earning up to 50-thousand.

The government may adjourn the legislature immediately after the budget is introduced, effectively turning it into the Conservatives’ election platform.

In any event, the election writ must be issued by next Wednesday.

Ottawa expects protesters

Hundreds of extra police officers, from the RCMP, the Ontario Provincial Police, and municipal forces, are being sent to Ottawa, as the nation’s capital get set for another vehicle rally.

Organizers of this weekend’s “Rolling Thunder” say as many as one-thousand motorcyclists will descend on the city starting tomorrow morning.

They say it’s not a “protest” or a “convoy,” but an “event.”

They add it’s being held in opposition to the decision by officials to put up a fence around the National War Memorial during January’s four-week-long “Freedom Convoy.”

Ottawa police say they won’t allow another occupation to occur and are closing several streets around Parliament Hill.

Hepatitis found in children

Federal officials say they’re investigating reports that there have been cases of acute hepatitis suddenly developing in young children.

The Public Health Agency of Canada says it’s trying to determine whether the cases are connected to outbreaks reported in Britain and the U-S.

At least 190 incidents have been reported, where otherwise-healthy children have suddenly come down with liver disease, which can be caused by viruses.

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