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The GLOBAL REPORT – genocide, heavy weapons, the virus and Hillier

Trudeau on Russia

The Prime Minister says it is absolutely right that more and more people start calling Russia’s war on Ukraine a genocide.

Justin Trudeau says he agrees with U.S. President Biden that there are official processes around determinations of the act. But he says the use of targeted attacks against civilians is nothing short of crimes against humanity.

Trudeau says these are all things that Vladimir Putin is responsible for, adding that’s why Canada is dispatching RCMP investigators to make sure the full truth is known and that Putin and his supporters be held fully to account.


Russia-Ukraine update

Russian officials are admitting that the flagship of its Black Sea fleet has been abandoned by its crew, and is on fire.

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However, they’re denying claims by Ukraine that the guided-missile cruiser was hit by one of their missiles.

They blame it on an “ammunition explosion.”

Meantime, British intelligence officials say the stubborn Ukrainian defence of the southern port city of Mariupol is tying up a significant number of Russian troops and that means they can’t be deployed for Moscow’s impending offensive in the eastern part of the country.

The city’s mayor says the few remaining Ukrainian soldiers are running out of ammunition but will continue the fight as long as possible.

The city has been under attack for several weeks, and as many as 20-thousand civilians are reported to have died.


U.S. sending heavy weapons to Ukraine

It’s being described as a “major” shift in policy.

The United States has decided to ship another 800-million dollars worth of weapons to Ukraine.

But, for the first time, it will include heavy weapons, including artillery and helicopters.

The key now is to get them to Ukraine quickly, so its soldiers can be trained in their use before the beginning of an anticipated offensive by Russia in the eastern part of the country.


Hospitals could be overwhelmed … again

The head of the Ontario Hospital Association says the rising number of COVID-19 infections is affecting the delivery of health care in our province and he’s concerned it will get even worse.

Anthony Dale says more patients are being admitted for treatment but fewer staff is available, as they come down with the coronavirus themselves.

While the current sub-variant of the Omicron strain isn’t as deadly as earlier versions, Dale says the sheer volume of new admissions could overwhelm medical care facilities.

That could lead to another suspension of non-urgent surgeries across the province.


Hillier appealing bail conditions

Eastern Ontario Independent MPP Randy Hillier has decided to appeal his bail conditions.

Hillier is facing nine charges in connection with the “Freedom Convoy” truckers protest that occupied Ottawa including assaulting a peace officer.

His bail conditions don’t allow him to oppose vaccine mandates .and he can’t post on social media about those mandates.

He also must stay out of Ottawa, unless it’s for a meeting with his lawyer.

Hillier says that violates his right to exercise his duties as a member of the legislature.

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