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The GLOBAL REPORT – war crimes, the sixth wave

War crimes

U-S President Joe Biden says Vladimir Putin is a war criminal and the Russian leader must face a war

crime’ trial.

His comments come after Ukrainian officials discovered the bodies of more than 400 people in the towns recently liberated from Russian occupation around the capital of Kyiv.

Ukrainian President Volodomir Zelensky will speak to the United Nations Security Council by video link today.

He’s expected to call for an investigation into what he calls a genocide and for more military supplies from western countries.

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A dangerous place

The chief of Canada’s Defence Staff says the world has become a much more dangerous place since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine and Canada will have to adapt.

General Wayne Eyre told a Senate committee meeting that we’re now facing the most dangerous time we’ve seen in generations.

Eyre said it’s much more complicated now than it was during the Cold War, when the opposing sides were clearly defined.

He added it’s not just Russia  but China also watching the situation closely, learning from what is  currently happening.

Handling the virus in Ontario

Premier Doug Ford says our province can handle what he calls this “little spike” in COVID-19 cases.

The latest figures show hospitalizations have risen 30 per cent over the past week, and infection rates are at their highest since January.

Ford says increases were expected after restrictive measures, including mask mandates, were lifted last month.

But he says the provincial health care system can manage the higher numbers.

The premier says the government will continue to be cautious, and will follow the advice of the chief medical officer of health.

The feds COVID19 policy

The federal government will be updating its vaccination policy for federal workers tomorrow.

It’s one of the toughest in the country, requiring all employees to be vaccinated, even if they work from home.

The policy must be reviewed every six months and that deadline comes tomorrow.

So far, more than 98 per cent of federal staff report they’re fully vaccinated against COVID-19.


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