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Fedeli: Wynne ignores warnings

The Tory MPP for Nipissing says the Wynne Liberals are starting to hear from big manufacturers that their carbon tax and pension proposal are job killers.  The latest to tell Kathleen Wynne to re-think her new taxes is Fiat-Chrysler.  Vic Fedeli says Magna International, the auto parts manufacturer is already reacting to the upcoming taxes.  Fedeli says the pension bill to Magna would be $36 million a year.  He says if the Liberals go through with the pension scheme, Magna won’t be spending new dollars in Ontario in the future.  He says just last week Magna spent $2.5 billion on a project in China.   The other job-killer, the carbon tax, will suck more money from Ontario’s economy.  Fedeli says it won’t reduce greenhouse gases and hasn’t worked in Europe but adds Wynne is hell bent on pursuing the tax.  He says Wynne keeps getting group after group telling her to change course, but she refuses to do so.

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