You’re not going to have to pay ridiculous prices for flights in Canada anymore. There’s a new airline opening up! Linx air is set to start operations in 2022. They’re based out of Calgary, and their goal is to provide ultra-affordable air travel to Canadians.
Their model is very similar to the type seen in the UK. You’ll have a lot of options like bringing less baggage or getting less legroom to reduce the price of your flight.
But we all know what ‘ultra-affordable’ means… cramped. You’ll be able to use your knees as a chin rest! As cramped as it’ll be, it’s worth it to save a few hundred bucks on your flight!

We may be headed to a world without HIV… it’s a miracle. A woman in Argentina just recovered completely from HIV using only her own immune system. Now she’ll be the subject of many studies to see if she’s the key to the cure!


Winter hit the North Shore this week, and that means snow. Mackenzie Jacobs of Serpent River First Nation joined the show to teach us how to say it is snowing – zoogipowa/zoogipow.