People hate gift-wrapping every Christmas, but it doesn’t have to be so hard!

A survey just came out, and the majority of people say that gift-wrapping is their least-favourite part of the holiday season. And that’s saying something too if people hate gift-wrapping more than seeing their creepy uncle. 

I understand why people hate gift-wrapping… it’s awful. You think you wrap the perfect gift, then you cut too much wrapping paper and give your present a baggy sweater. 

It’s a challenge every year, but it doesn’t need to be. Three words can solve all your gift-wrapping problems: use a bag.


Len Kutchaw, President of the Elliot Lake Emergency Food Bank, and William Elliot, President of the Volunteer Firefighters Association, joined Moose Mornings to talk about the upcoming food drive. The date and time has been set! You can hear that conversation here: