You and I could’ve bought a property for $500, but we missed our chance!

Have you ever heard of Smooth Rock Falls? It’s a small town about 100km North of Timmins. Its population was falling, so a few years ago, to incentivize people to move there, they started selling plots of land for $500 each. They’re not broom closets either… they’re big plots of land!

Imagine they did that in Toronto. If they sold $500 plots of land in Toronto, you’d get half a parking spot!

But instead of half a parking lot, you get a big ol’ plot of land. AND Smooth Rock Falls is only 25 minutes away from the Moonbeam spaceship. You’ve got tourist attractions to choose from.


I was very happy to have the one and only Santa Claus join me this morning!

He came to announce that he’ll be answering questions for the Moose FM radiothon for the Salvation Army coming up on Friday, December 10th from 10am to 4pm. If you have a question for Santa, write in on the Moose FM Facebook page or email [email protected]