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2021_11_08 You can tutor someone in video games!?

You won’t believe what this 80-year-old couple does for some couples bonding.
Please get your head out of the gutter, cause it’s not what you’re thinking. It’s video games!
This couple in the UK was looking for an activity to do together, so they started learning how to play video games. They hired a 21-year-old gamer to come to their house for a few hours every week to teach them how to play shooter games. Now they’re proficient in the gaming world and play GTA V all the time.

Something about seniors playing Grand Theft Auto makes me so happy. You’re never too late to play video games!
It got me thinking too… if there are any seniors across the North Shore wanting to learn video games, I’m sure a teenager in the area is looking for a part-time job. Call me (705-848-2567) and we’ll try to set something up!

Mackenzie Jacobs has the week off. She’s taught us all we need to know for this one. Take a listen to the full song of ‘Head and Shoulders’!

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