Never trust someone who cooks steak in the dishwasher. 

Who would do such a thing!? That’s blasphemous, and if I’m being honest, it’s basically flipping the bird to the cow who provided you that meat. 

You can’t trust someone that does this because if curiosity led them to cook a steak in the dishwasher, what else have they done? Fish-fry on your engine block? Baking bread in the dryer? Where is the line!?

After shaming this man on the radio, I realized I should be shamed. He’s not the only one that does this… Emily does too!


This is going to surprise you… seals can speak like humans. They are one of the very few mammals that can mimic the dynamics of human speech, much like a parrot.

We seem to be trying to find an animal that can speak English, but do we really want to know what animals think of humans? Especially seals… we haven’t been too kind to them.