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ELAC’s Para swimmer, Alyssa Hebert, heading to Saskatoon

An Elliot Lake Para swimmer is seeking the help of the public to help her make the Canadian Swimming Paralympic team.

Alyssa Hebert’s first step is to travel to obtain a level 3/national classification and attend the associated swim meet in Saskatoon from November 3oth to December 5th.

Her mother, Sarah, told The Moose to be able to attend the swim meet Alyssa had to achieve at least one Can-Am time adding Alyssa has achieved qualification times in both the 50-metre fly and 100-metre fly.

Sarah says Alyssa has cerebral palsy, which impairs her legs and left arm, but travelling to the meet will allow her to begin competing at a higher level, which is imperative to making the Canadian Paralympic team.

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Family Friend Wende Diemer has started a go fund me to help raise the funds for her to go says Sarah adding any financial help is much appreciated.

Sarah says she constantly advocates for her daughter and has since her birth.
“Alyssa suffered two brain bleeds 24 hours after her premature birth. She had a grade IV brain bleed on the right and a grade III bleed on the left. Her prognosis at the time was that she would be bedridden, non-verbal and severely mentally impaired.
“I have spent the last 16 years working hard to prove the doctors wrong,” Alyssa says.

Having a physical disability comes with many challenges including an increased financial burden on the family, including increased financial costs with participation in para-sport. Alyssa’s mom and close family friend, Wende Diemer have started a gofundme page to help pay for Alyssa’s trip, which can be found at

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