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North Bay chamber president questions high gas prices

The president of the North Bay chamber of commerce is trying to make sense out of the latest gas spikes.  In some northern communities, like North Bay, Sudbury and Sturgeon Falls, gas jumped to a $1.45 a litre just more than a week ago, although at some outlets prices have dropped again.  Derek Shogren says the jump comes while oil hovers around $100 a barrel, yet we get different reasons for why prices rise.  Shogren says something is going on in the Middle East is why we’re told gas goes up.  Another reason were told later is there’s a supply and demand issue and then we’re told a refinery caught fire.  Shogren says considering the economy is still weak, now is not a good time for gas to rise.  He believes it will take a national effort by many business leaders and politicians to determine why prices are so high.

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