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2021_11_01 Some pumpkin carvings are incredible

Some pumpkin carvings are incredible. It always impresses me every Halloween… maybe because all my carvings look like I decapitated the pumpkin. 

Of all the pumpkin carvings I’ve seen, Clive Cooper’s might be the best. He’s a visual artist who loves to carve watermelon and pumpkins. But these aren’t Jack-O-Lanterns… they’re artistic masterpieces!

How amazing is that!?

I know we have some talent here as well though. Share some pictures of your pumpkin carvings this year! 


Mackenzie Jacobs of Serpent River First Nation joined the show again today. We finally finished learning all the body parts in ‘Head and Shoulders’. You can learn how to say (my) nose – (in)jaan here:

Next week we’ll sing the full song!

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