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2021_10_29 To infinity and beyond

There’s a new kid’s movie coming out, but I swear, the theatre is going to be full of adults.
Toy Story is releasing their newest movie, a prequel called “Lightyear”. It looks back on the fake man the toy Buzz Lightyear was based on… and it looks amazing.

I know that’s just a trailer, but I had chills the whole time. And the music choice! Throwing some David Bowie in there was perfect.
You can already tell… I’m a full-grown man, and I’m hyped about this. No doubt about it, it’s going to be the 35-year-old parents dragging their kids to the movies to see this one.

We had a really cool story today in the Good News Story of the Day. A group of scientists has been studying this species of singing lemur. They’ve been studying the singing to find out if they have rhythm, and it turns out they do!

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