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2021_10_25 Why do children’s drawings always look phallic?

Why do children’s drawings always look phallic? ALWAYS!
This mum’s tweet just went viral of her son’s drawing of a ‘Venus fly trap’:

Maybe if Venus started with the letter ‘P’. This always happens! Children’s drawings always end up looking a bit rude… and you can tell this happens often because the comment section of the tweet is pure gold!

I had a problem with this growing up. I could only draw stick figures for years, but for some reason, I wouldn’t draw my arms coming out of the torso… I drew all the limbs coming out of the crotch. Not very age-appropriate for a 7-year-old!


Mackenzie Jacobs from Serpent River First Nation joined the show to teach us more Ojibwe. This week she taught us how to say (my) mouth – (nin)doon.

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