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2021_10_21 Earth was created by aliens… what?

Aliens created our universe. A former Harvard professor just proposed this theory, and it’s pretty interesting.
Avi Loeb claims that it’s possible a high-tech alien civilization could create other universes through ‘quantum tunneling’. To simplify it so my brain can understand, two of the most important foundational forces in our universe are quantum mechanics and gravity, but we have no idea how they’re related. Physicists for decades have tried to find this ‘unified theory’ that connects the two forces. Loeb claims IF another civilization found the unified theory, they could hypothetically create a baby universe. Therefore, aliens COULD have created Earth.

What’s super cool to me is that this theory could support some theories that have been labelled ‘pseudo-science’. Multiple ancient civilizations from around the world, including Mayans and Celts, have stories of deities coming from the sky with advanced technology. Maybe it’s just our alien parents checking on us?
I also love how this theory humbles humans. Humanity thinks it’s SO advanced, but Loeb claims we’re only a Class C civilization. A Class A civilization has the unified theory and can create other universes, a Class B civilization can create technology so its planet can survive past the lifespan of its star, and a Class C civilization can do neither.
I don’t believe it. Do you think a Class C civilization could create this masterpiece?

Case closed.

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