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Most of ONTC to stay public – Ontera sold – groups upset

Northern Development Minister Michael Gravelle is keeping the transportation division of Ontario Northland in public hands.  However, Gravelle says Ontera, the ONTC’s telecommunications division, is being sold to Bell Alliant.  That upset North Bay’s mayor and the Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities and the ONTC unions.  Union spokesman Brian Kelly foresees many layoffs in this division.  Kelly believes the current number of 127 employees will drop to 40 in two years.  Kelly says the union will keep fighting to keep Ontera public and hopes to recruit North Bay city council in that fight.  Kelly says Bell Alliant got a sweetheart deal from the government to purchase Ontera.  As for the transportation sector staying in public hands, Kelly says it’s simply a state of execution and doesn’t believe the fight is over yet. 

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