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2021_10_12 The scariest house on the block

This house is terrifying. This family decorated their house for Halloween, and it’s It-themed.


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Maybe this house isn’t that scary. It’s possible I’m only scared because IT was the movie that I watched WAY too young. I was 4-years-old, my oldest brother made me watch it with him, and it made me have nightmares for months. It scarred me so much I’m still scared of clowns!

Everyone has one of those experiences. What’s the movie you saw WAY too young?


We were talking about Michelin’s new airless tires on the show today. They’re kind of hard to picture, so here you go:

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You can expect to see these babies on the road in 2024.


Mackenzie Jacobs from Serpent River First Nation joined the show again to teach us some Ojibwe. We’ve been learning ‘Head and Shoulders’, and today we finally learned how to say [my] eye(s) – [ni]shkiinzhig(oon).


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