There was a huge Guns N Roses concert in California over the weekend… and Mr Dave Grohl was in attendance. They brought the rock legend on stage for an encore of “Paradise City”.
All was going well until the power was shut off!

Apparently, this is a regular thing too. Napa has a strict 10 pm curfew. So strict that they’ve cut off Neil Young, Oasis, and now Guns N Roses.
Good thing this isn’t an EDM show. This is rock and roll, so of course, the band kept on playing. The drums were still loud, but it was hard to hear Axl Rose’s vocals…. which isn’t the worst thing. The crowd sang better than him anyway.

We’re continuing the Ojibwe word of the Week with Mackenzie Jacobs of Serpent River First Nation. We’re learning how to sing ‘Head and Shoulders’, and today Mackenzie taught us (my) knee(s) – (in)gidig(oog).