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Resident wants two Elliot Lake councillors to resign

An Elliot Lake resident is continuing his fight to force two city councillors to resign over claims they made about the Canadian flag.  Chuck Myles says many Elliot Lake residents want the flag at City Hall flown at half-mast when any Canadian soldier dies.  But councillors Connie Nykyforak and Tammy VanRoon say the flag can only be lowered on Remembrance Day and it`s not a municipal decision.   Myles researched the claims and found the councillors are wrong on both counts.  He says when councillors make claims, they better be able to back them up with proof.  He`s asked both councillors to prove their claims, however they haven`t responded back to Myles.  Myles believes it`s because they know no such proof exists.   Myles has now sent both councillors a letter claiming they gave false and misleading information at a public meeting.  He’s again calling for their resignations and adds people are ready to start protesting City Hall if the pair doesn`t step down.


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