I hate to sound like the caricature of an old man shaking his fist at the clouds, but taking a picture was so much easier in my day (says a guy in his early 20’s)

You used to take photos for personal memories. You’d print them, stick them in a photo album, and only friends and family would ever see them. Now everyone sees them. You post a photo to social media and EVERYONE IN THE WORLD can see it. 

There’s some added pressure with that. People need to get the perfect photo, which means the perfect filter, the best angle and the right lighting. 

At least some people don’t take it that seriously. This girl had to submit a photo for her virtual grad slideshow and… well… she has no shame. 


I’m pretty sure I was actually pooping when I took that #firsttiktok #zoomuniversity #University

♬ original sound – Ruby Coles

If you’re a brave soul, comment below with the cringes photo in your library.