The coolest thing just happened to this 7-year-old. She’s obsessed with space. She has a blog and Youtube page where she does experiments and it’s caught the attention of NASA.
NASA likes her so much that they’re putting the logo of her blog on their next spaceship! Her logo is going to be landing on the moon… pretty sweet.
She’ll hold onto this forever!
What’s the coolest thing that happened to you as a kid?
For me, it was getting hit in the head with a puck at a hockey game. I know what you’re thinking… it’s weird to think that’s ‘the coolest’ but you weren’t there!
I was at a Leafs rookie game, got smoked in the head with a puck and had to get checked out for a concussion. When I got back into the stands I was given the puck and the entire section gave me a standing ovation.
When you’re a kid and things like that happen, you never forget.