Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School and Central Avenue Public School are nearly $4,000 richer.

The money came from Lynn Blanchette of St. Joseph’s Hospital. Herself, the staff at the hospital and businesses across the community, made significant donations to help the students of both schools.

Andrew Chi, Principal of Our Lady of Fatima School, says he is thankful for the donations.

“We’re very excited about that. It’s going to be mainly used for student support. Normally we have breakfast programs, or hot meals or pizza programs and this helps sponsor students. In years past, we used the money to help students go to camp. This year, it will help give students warm clothing and also maybe sponsoring students for Christmas.”

Angelo D’Amato, Principal at Central Avenue Public School says it’s another reason to be proud to be from Elliot Lake.

“The money here will be used for students as well, just as Mr. Chi said. I’ve been a long time resident here. I was born and raised in Elliot Lake. And I’ve always been proud of [that]. One of the reasons is that this is a great community to live in because of the community support. The Family Health Team, the doctors, nurses, custodians and all of the staff at the hospital; everything they’re doing to support us with our medical needs, particularly with the pandemic and everything they’ve been through. They’re still being super generous and helping people around the community. They’re great community partners.

It’s the second year in a row that Blanchette and the staff of the hospital donate to local schools. Last year, Blanchette and the doctors raised $3020 for Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School.