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Fedeli explains budget concerns

Tory finance critic Vic Fedeli says last Thursday’s budget will do more harm than good.       The budget talks about the upcoming Ontario pension plan and carbon tax.  Fedeli says both are job killers and he’s telling Ontarians to brace for more layoffs as the Liberals move ahead with these proposals.  Fedeli says the carbon tax is the mother of all taxes and it will be devastating on Ontario’s economy.  Fedeli says the Wynne Liberals want a utopian world for everyone and they’ll pursue that ideology at any cost.  The Nipissing MPP also weighed in on the debt and the interest we pay to service it.  Right now Ontario’s debt is so large, interest payments on it make up the third highest item in the budget.  Only health and education cost more.  But Fedeli says at 5.7 percent annual increases, interest payments have become the fastest growing line item in the provincial budget.  He says at this rate it’s just a matter of time before interest rates become the second most expensive budget item.

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