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Fedeli weighs in on proposed Hydro One sale

Nipissing MPP Vic Fedeli says the Liberal decision to sell part of Hydro One is bad news for consumers.  Fedeli says right now Hydro uses revenue from its customers to pay down its multi-billion dollar debt.  But the Tory finance critic says most of that money dries up when the utility is sold meaning the lost revenue has to come from another source.  He says that source will be taxpayers who will see their electricity rates go up in order so that Hydro One can pay down its debt.  Fedeli says under the law, any sale of Hydro has to go to its debt, but he says the Premier plans to change the law.  As for where the Hydro sale money will go, Fedeli believes the Liberals will apply it to their $12.5 billion deficit.

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