Two First Nations, Sagamok-Anishnawbek and Wiikwemkoong will have their final nominees in place for Chief and Council finalized today.
Electoral Officer Vaughn Johnston is overseeing both elections and is in the process of finalizing the lists today since nominees are provided with the opportunity to withdraw their names from the lists.
As of today, Sagamok has eight people running for chief, 81 for council and Wiikwemkoong has six nominated for chief, 52 for council.
Both councils have one position of chief available, 12 for council.
Sagamok’s election will be held on Wednesday, August 12th while the Wiikwemkoong election is set for Saturday, August 15tt.
Nominees for Sagamok can be reviewed on the list below.
The candidates for Wiikwemkoong:

Nominated for chief are Roland I. Pangowish, Chuck Peltier, Duke Peltier (incumbent), Daniel M. Roy, Rosemary (Wemigwans) Shawanda and Garnier Terry Spanish. Nominated for councillor (names as listed by the electoral officer statement) are Duane (Chin) Assiniwe, Norman Jr. Assiniwe, Sarah Assiniwe, Lillian Baibomcowai-Dell, Dallas Bondy, John Dube (incumbent), Lawrence Enosse (incumbent), Harold Fox, Lynda Fox-Trudeau, Bernadine A. Francis (incumbent), Raymond J. F. Jackson, Christopher Johnston, Adam Kaboni, Marilyn S. Kimewon, Daryl King, David Joseph Francis Lavallee, Dante Lewis, Dorothy Mandamin, Margaret (Tish) Manitowabi (incumbent), Rachel E. Manitowabi (incumbent), Rolanda Manitowabi, Brian Peltier (incumbent), Chuck Peltier, Duke Peltier, Jason (JP) Peltier, Owen Peltier, Richard Peltier, Catherine Rose Pitawanakwat, Janine Pitawanakwat, Tim Ominika (incumbent), Jason P. Oshkabewisens, Jean Oshkabewisens, Matthew Oshkabewisens, Tracy (Cleland) Recollet, Sylvia Recollet (incumbent), Amanda (Mandy) Richard, Natalie Shawana, Robbie Shawana, Armando Shawanda, Rosemary (Wemigwans) Shawanda, Ian Trudeau, Shelly Ann Trudeau, Marcia Trudeau-Bomberry (incumbent), Sheri A. Wabanosse, Joseph M. Wabegijig, Gladys Wakegijig (incumbent), Lara K. Wabegijig, Kevin Wassegijig, Luke Wassegijig, Daniel Wassengeso and Madeline Loretta Wemigwans.