We are as concerned as you are with how business – and society – changed almost overnight.

As the voice of our community, 94.1 Moose FM and our MyAlgomaManitoulinNow.com website are committed to bringing accurate and timely news and information to our audience, and to continue to entertain them.

Our on-air announcers are continuing to do their live shows from our studios, and our News team is working tirelessly to keep our audiences abreast of developments.
As more people will be tuned into our radio station for local updates, we think it is important to let them know who is open for business, and there for them. When listening is high, this is the time to tell your story.

If your business is still open, we can help.

We will be maintaining a list of those who are Open for Business. Our on-air staff will refer to the list to ‘plug’ businesses who are operational in our communities.We have reduced our advertising rates to help you continue to get your important message out, so you can continue to operate and thrive.

Our team at Vista Ideas has re-focused their creative messaging and has been working diligently to create proactive commercials that are seeing success for our advertisers across the country.

If your business is not open, we can still help.

Provide us with some information, such as:

  • What is the best way for your customers to contact you?
  • Will you be offering support through the shutdown?
  • When do you anticipate you will resume operations?
  • Do you want to promote your website, facebook page or on-line shopping?
  • We can write and produce strong branding campaigns, to keep your company top-of-mind and help you build market share as regular operations resume.

There is overwhelming history to show that it is important to maintain or increase advertising in times of crisis or economic slowdowns, and lots of proof that radio becomes even more important for local communities in times such as these. We are more than happy to send you materials that support this.


For assistance with any of this, or if you just want a pleasant conversation, please contact your Moose FM Account Executive, or:
Peter Hobbs, General Manager, Moose FM (705) 475-9991 Ext. 110 phobbs@vistaradio.ca

Business Delivery Take-Out Drive-Thru Online / Remote Access Hours Available Phone
Business Name Delivery Available? Take Out / Curbside Pickup Drive Thru Online / Remote Access Hours Available Phone Number
Alpine Flowers Yes 705 848 5657
Aube Law 705 848 6993
Choice Tire 705 848 6494
Edward Jones Yes 9am – 4pm 705 461 1221
Freitags 9am – 5pm M-F 705 848 1026
JC’s Construction 705 827 0577
Lyrette’s 10 am – 4pm 705 261 3713
Scotia Bank Yes
Seidels Yes
Sleep Inn SSM Yes 705 253 7533
Swiss Chalet Yes Yes Yes 11am-8pm 705 461 8888
Soo Mill yes yes Coming Soon M-F 9am-5pm Sat 10-3 705 848 2282
Annette’s Diner yes yes facebook for menu 11am – 4pm 705 849 2626
Joshua Tree Financial Management 9am-5pm 905 493 5252
Elliot Lake Ford daily 705 461 1550
Jakes Home Centre yes yes Yes M-F 9am-5pm Sat 10-3 705 377 6060
Age Friendly Grocery Delivery yes 705 849 0970
Canadian Tire yes yes M-Sat 9am -5pm