Food Prices

Climate change is going to make eating more expensive next year.

An annual food price report estimates an average Canadian family will pay an extra 4-hundred and 87 dollars for food next year.

Climate change is the key reason for the hike, especially in the produce aisle.
The report says Canadian farmers will face challenges in the future dealing with unpredictable crop yields, heat-waves threatening livestock and pest and disease outbreaks.

Coleslaw Recall

Check your fridge for President’s Choice coleslaw.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has recalled the 3-hundred and 97-gram bags due to possible salmonella contamination.

The affected product has a best before the date of December 4th.

It was sold in five provinces including Ontario but officials say it may be found nationwide.

No illnesses have been reported.

Ford to Washington

Premier Doug Ford is in Washington fresh off his meeting with Canada’s premiers.

It’s all part of a planned trade mission.

Ford and Infrastructure Minister Laurie Scott will meet with business leaders and key U.S. politicians to promote Ontario as a leader in infrastructure investments.