Premier’s Meeting in Toronto

Premiers from across Canada will meet for the first time since the federal election today.

Most have had their own separate meetings with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau but today they will sit down in Toronto to form an agenda for the minority government.

They will be looking to Ottawa for more money for provincial budgets that have been hit by sinking oil prices and soaring healthcare costs.


Nuclear Power Agreement

Ontario, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick have signed an agreement to use small nuclear reactors to generate clean energy.

The small modular reactors will help to lower carbon production and the premiers of the three provinces believe it will also create economic opportunities.

They hope to have the reactors online and producing energy in about five years.


Samoa Measles Epidemic

Over 50 people have died from a measles outbreak on the South Pacific island of Samoa.

The death toll includes 50 children.

Officials declared a national emergency last month and ordered all 200,000 people living on the island to get vaccinated.

It’s believed the virus was spread by a New Zealand tourist.