One Day Strike coming at public high schools

Saying they’ve been driven to it, high school teachers across Ontario will walk off the job for one day on Wednesday.

The one-day strike will only affect public high schools.

The union representing the teachers says the province is refusing to listen to parents, unwilling to listen to students and the erosion of education is happening now and they can’t wait any longer.

Meanwhile, the province says they have made concessions to the union but pay continues to be the sticking point in contract negotiations.

If a tentative agreement is reached before Wednesday a strike will not happen.


Scheer Refuses to Leave

Andrew Scheer is refusing to step down as Conservative leader.

After announcing his House leadership team Scheer was dogged by questions about whether he would leave the post as many high profile Tories continue to call for his resignation.

Scheer says he is staying on to fight the fight Canadians elected them to do and that this is not the time for internal party politics and division.


Kingston Plane Crash

Investigators say seven people died in a plane crash in eastern Ontario including three children.

It happened on Wednesday night when the small plane went down in a wooded area of the city.

Reports suggest the pilot was an American and the group was planning to spend American Thanksgiving in Quebec City.

It is believed the pilot, his wife, three children and a couple from Toronto was on board the plane.


24 Sussex White Elephant

Even though the Prime Minister doesn’t live there, his official residence is costing taxpayers millions.

Justin Trudeau decided not to move into 24 Sussex Drive after being elected four years ago and instead lives across the road at Rideau Hall.

CTV News reports basic upkeep has cost over 2-and-a-half million dollars.
The cost to renovate the crumbling official residence is pegged at 34-million.