Prime Minister Trudeau 11-08-19 CK

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says his minority government will work to address
western alienation.

But several members of his new and smaller Liberal caucus are cautioning the prime
minister not to go too far.

The Liberals did not win a single seat in Alberta and Saskatchewan, and they lost
seats in Quebec.


Trump Impeachment 11-08-19 CK
There were three words that U.S. President Donald Trump wanted to hear from Ukraine’s president: investigations, Biden, Clinton.
Career State Department official George Kent told impeachment investigators that was his understanding of what Trump wanted to hear in order to unlock American military aid.
That information was relayed to Kent by others, including those in direct contact with the
Kent’s interview transcript with impeachment investigators was released yesterday.

Quebec Cuts 11-08-19 CK
Quebec Premier Francois Legault and his government are being criticized for
their changes to immigration.

The anger centers on a reform that would have considerably reduced the number of
foreign students eligible for a fast-track immigration program.

Foreign students already in the province will continue to have to access to the program but
the restrictions will apply to future participants.