Ford Government Economic Statement
The Ford government will lift the veil today on the province’s books in its fall economic

The latest figures show Ontario’s deficit is 7-point 4 billion dollars, down from the 15-billion the
Conservative government claimed was left behind by the Liberals when they took office in 2018.

Opposition parties have accused the Tories of using different accounting methods to inflate the
deficit to justify spending cuts.


China Meat

Justin Trudeau calls it good news for Canadian farmers.

In a tweet yesterday, the PM announced that China will once again allow Canadian meat products into the country.

China had suspended pork and beef imports in June saying they had tested positive for an additive that is banned in the country.


NAFTA Ratification
An influential U.S. lawmaker is in Ottawa today to meet with the Liberals about the new North American free trade deal.

There is a push to sign the deal between Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.

Only Mexico has ratified the agreement and Canada will only go ahead if the States make the first move.