Possible teacher’s strike

We could have a teacher’s strike in Ontario.

The Elementary Teacher’s Federation representing 83-thousand public school educators has requested a no board report after talks with a conciliator went nowhere.

After a no board report is issued elementary school teachers could be in a legal strike position

17 days later.


Ford wants a meeting

Going along with his newly created position as being a unifying figure in Canada, Doug Ford has offered to host a premiers meeting.

The Ontario Premier made the offer during a conference call on Friday with most of the country’s premiers.

Ford says he has never seen such a divide in the country since after the federal election.


Niagara Falls Scow

A famous site in Niagara Falls has moved a little bit closer to the edge of the Horseshoe Falls.

The famous iron scow was grounded on rocks after breaking free from its tug boat 101-years ago.

It has rested in that place ever since that is until Halloween when a violent storm moved it.

Niagara Parks staff says the shifted about 50 metres closer to the falls.

Although Parks staff says they think it will stay in place for a long time they are monitoring