Four North Shore corridor communities are looking at hiring a regional economic development officer.

The LaCloche Foothills Municipal Association is taking the next step in putting a regional EDO in place for the region.

The Town of Espanola has given its approval, the first of the four to do so.

The townships of Nairn & Hyman, Baldwin and Sables-Spanish Rivers now have to give their stamp of approval for the initiative to move ahead.

Funding to cover the cost of the position would be provided through the Community Investment Initiative for Northern Ontario.

The LaCloche and Manitoulin Assistance Corporation (LAMBAC) would hire the staffer and provide office space at the Espanola office.

The rest of the municipalities all have the proposal on their agendas for discussion this month.

\The CIINO would contribute 90% of eligible costs to a maximum of $100,000 or up to $170,000 for a regional project. The eligible costs would cover the salary, benefits, and travel. Espanola’s 10% share would depend on the number of municipalities, as well as surrounding unorganized areas and First Nations that decide to come on board.