Elliot Lake Integrity Commissioner E4m of Sault Ste. Marie has called several members of council to the carpet in its special report, including recommending the removal of one councilor.

Integrity Commissioner, Peggy Young-Lovelace, says Councilor Chris Patrie was found in conflict of interest in several complaints having to do with the sale of the former Algo Mall property.

She says that Patrie took steps, in council meetings and out, to thwart council’s decision to purchase the former Algo Mall property and pushed for the property adjacent to it owned by a corporation in which he is a director and officer.

Young-Lovelace says for Councillor Ed Pearce, conflict of interest allegations as a member of the ELNOS Board were also substantiated.

Both Patrie and Pearce will face legal proceedings.

She also calls for Mayor Dan Marchisella to receive both a reprimand and that his remuneration be suspended for the period of one month for disclosure of confidential information among other allegations.

She adds former councilor Tammy Van Roon was also found in conflict and it has been recommended by the commissioner a complaint be made to the Real Estate Council of Ontario.

The report addressed some 102 alleged breaches of the city’s Code of Conduct and the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act that it investigated in the period between March 4th and May 15th of this year, 23 complaints in all.
It is council itself, who will decide at a future meeting on the course of actions the commissioner has recommended.

For the complete report, click on the LINK: https://elliotlakeon.swagit.com/play/09122019-924