The provincial government is looking at options to address concerns from hunters on how it manages the moose population to ensure sustainability and hunting opportunities for future generations.

John Yakabuski, Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry, along with Mike Harris, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Natural Resources has announced the government’s proposal to revise moose management in the province. The announcement was based on recommendations of the Big Game Management Advisory Committee (BGMAC).

In the spring, the government had tasked BGMAC to advise on a path forward and that direction is expanded on in a report that can be found here.

“We are listening to moose hunters across the province, and our proposal is designed to work for the hunting community,” Minister Yakabusi said. “I encourage Ontario’s hunters to review the proposal and consider its implications on moose populations and future hunting opportunities. I would like to thank BGMAC and the committee’s Chair, John Kaplanis, for their dedication and insight on strengthening moose management in Ontario.”

“Our government recognizes the importance of moose hunting to Ontario families and communities. We want to make sure Ontarians can get outdoors and enjoy the sport of hunting, and that these opportunities are available today and long into the future,” added MPP Harris.

The government’s proposal is now available here for public feedback. An additional proposal to address the committee’s recommendation regarding moose predation has also been posted for comment.

Interested hunters, members of the public and organizations are invited to review the proposals on the Environmental Registry and provide their comments by September 26.