September 12 marks the 12th annual “Stand Up Against Bullying Day” for the Rainbow District School Board.

Staff and students will wear pink for the day.

“This small gesture, which has become a tradition in Rainbow Schools, demonstrates our collective commitment to safe schools,” says Director of Education, Norm Blaseg. “We invite the entire community to join us as we wear pink on Thursday, September 12th.”

Ten character traits, which are modelled, taught and expected in Rainbow Schools, provide the foundation for ongoing character development and the values of the Board – honesty, respect, empathy, responsibility, integrity, courtesy, resilience, acceptance, courage and co-operation. The many character development programs and activities in Rainbow Schools complement the Board’s Code of Conduct, which promotes responsibility, respect, civility and academic excellence in a safe learning and teaching environment.

Originally, “Stand Up Against Bullying Day” began in Nova Scotia where secondary school students Travis Price and David Shepherd arranged for dozens of their classmates to wear pink shirts in support of another student who had been bullied for wearing pink. The Province of Nova Scotia subsequently declared the second Thursday at the start of every school year to be “Stand Up Against Bullying Day” and has been adopted here as well.