About 80 high school students under the Rainbow District School Board will experience a courtroom setting today as they go through a mock trial.

The event, which includes students from Espanola High School, is an annual one the board organizes so students can apply what they’ve learned in their law class in a mock trial setting.

Each year the students tackle a different case and this year they are coping with someone who is charged with failing to provide the necessities of life to a child under the age of 16 and a failure to apply medical attention to an injured person in a timely fashion.

The students compete as teams with each trying to get a conviction or not guilty verdict.

The teams square off until only two are left and a champion is crowned.

The winning team is awarded the Hennessy Cup named after Judge Patricia Hennessey.

Other awards are also given to the students including Best Advocate Defence, Best Advocate Crown and Best Witness.

Additionally, the students on each team get to decide the Most Valuable Player.

The MVP is awarded to the person who exemplifies excellent leadership.

The mock trial takes place in Sudbury.