Kids in the Know resource kits are being introduced in Rainbow Schools to promote child safety.

In Kindergarten, students learn to be aware of their emotions, and develop a sense of what is right and what is wrong.
Principal Trevor Dewit, who leads the boards’ 21st Century Committee, explains books such as, “Keep and Speak Secrets,” help children to make the distinction between secrets they should keep, and unsafe secrets they should tell to a safe adult.

He adds by Grade 7 and 8, students dig deeper, exploring topics like sextortion, boundaries and consent.

Kiara Long, a Grade 5 student at Algonquin Road Public School, reads “Safety Rocks” as part of a Kids in the Know child-safety resource lesson. Developed by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, the interactive education safety program aims to help children become responsible and resilient citizens who can make low-risk choices on and off the internet. Photo provided by RDSB