Scoring 99.9% on it accreditation papers, one of the highest in Canada, is wonderful news for the Espanola Regional Hospital and Health Centre.

Accreditation Canada surveyors recognized the hospital as a model of care and a true example of integrated care across all health sectors.

The survey team, RN Jeanne Robertson and Dr. Cyd Courchesne, overviewed quality standards, required organizational practices and observed the hospital’s teams in action.

From October 22nd to October 25th, a detailed on-site survey was conducted to review over 1,600 quality criteria in the hospital.

Accreditation occurs on a three-year cycle, with a full, on-site survey every three years.

The Accreditation Survey Program involves a rigorous evaluation process that includes a comprehensive self-assessment and external peer surveyors conduct an on-site survey during which they assess the organizations leadership, governance, clinical programs and services against Accreditation Canada requirements for quality and safety.

These requirements include national standards of excellence; required safety practices to reduce potential harm; and questionnaires to assess work environment, patient safety culture, governance functioning and client experience.