Resolving how to handle the findings of an Integrity Report calling for sanctions against four Espanola councilors was the focus of a special meeting.

The meeting, held Tuesday morning, began with the resolution to remove the sanctions presented to council once again.

The resolution had been presented last week when the four councilors; Ron Duplessis, Ken Duplessis, Ray Dufour and Heather Mallot, declared a conflict and left the room.

The three remaining council members voted in favour of removing the sanctions, but staff walked out, so the vote was not recorded because legally an appointed clerk had to be in place.

The sanctions issue is still outstanding because the same scenario took place Tuesday morning, but this time the motion was defeated.

This means council will still have to deal with the code of conduct issues and the nine department heads who brought their concerns before the Commissioner still have the option of going to the Ministry of Labour for resolution.

Still with the story, the town’s lawyer, Paul Cassen, then presented the comprehensive plan entitled ‘Council’s New Vision’ which outlines how council and staff can better their working relationship.

An implementation committee will also be put in place to develop the new vision.

Council adopted the detailed document, which will be available for the public to review.

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