Firefighters from across Canada, Mexico, Wisconsin and Minnesota are getting a big thank you from the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry.

Jeff Yurek says these men and women helped Ontario firefighters with hundreds of forest fires in the province.

Yurek says it’s because of that extra help that progress was made on the forest fires.

At the height, there were 1,400 firefighters spread across Northern Ontario putting out blazes.

Yurek says all the firefighters have left for their respective homes.

However British Columbia, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories have left equipment behind to help Ontario.

Meanwhile Ontario has now sent some personnel to British Columbia to help it fight numerous forest fires.

Despite making headway with the Ontario fires, the MNRF continues to keep a Restricted Fire Zone order in place at many sites across the northeast.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the number of forest fires in the northeast was 35 and only one of them was out of control.