An elderly Espanola couple has lost over $100,000 to fraud.

The Espanola Police Service is investigating the fraud, a popular scam known as the ’emergency scam’.
Police determined the fraud suspect contacted the elderly couple claiming to be a lawyer in Ottawa, informing them their son had been arrested and needed to send money for his bail and legal services.
The suspect also had someone pretend to be their son, verifying he was in jail and needed help.
The fraudster was successful in obtaining several money transfers in excess of $100,000, from the victims over a period of several weeks.

TIPS TO PREVENT FRAUD: Espanola Police urge the public to be extremely cautious of anyone attempting to obtain money through telephone, online or e-mail contact.  If you receive a call from someone claiming to be a family member in trouble, make your own inquiries to determine the validity of the claim before providing any funds.  Be aware of red flags such as “don’t talk to anyone” or suggestion that your loved one is unable to speak with you directly for some reason (injury, incarceration, etc).

Espanola Police believe that the suspect may have targeted other people in the area, and request that anyone with a similar incident contact the office for investigation.