Espanola council appreciated a presentation by two women representing the Save AB Ellis Committee, but did not make any definitive show of support at this time.

Bessie Budge and Cat Ashton appeared before Espanola council Tuesday night to ask for support in fighting the demolishment of the school and having it turned into a parking lot with 116 spaces.

Ashton pointed out there was no public consultation when the decision was made back in 2014 that the school would be demolished and turned into a parking lot.

She added it has a value of $9.9 million dollars and asked council to support saving the building.

Budge pointed out that the number one concern of many in Espanola is the housing shortage, especially for seniors.

She told council there could be funding available to convert the building into a housing center with amenities.

A petition with nearly 500 signatures is also being distributed to council, the school board and politicians.

Council thanked the women, but did not say what direction they will take in regards to the matter.