A Manitoulin Island First Nation will have to hold another election after a successful appeal to throw out the results of the September election.

Incumbent Linda Debassige was returned as chief of the M’Chigeeng First Nation in September’s band council elections by a substantial margin.
However, she says, an appeal of the results was made to the Election Appeal Committee.

Earlier this week, on Tuesday, October 3rd, the committee deemed the appeal to be a valid one and found the election in contravention of the M’Chigeeng First Nation Election Code.

The appeal focused on the ‘failure to maintain a membership register in accordance with the First Nation’s membership code.”

Debassige says that means the September election results are now set aside and a new election will have to be held.

She adds day-to-day operations will continue until the new election is held.

A date for the election is expected to be set within the next week or so.