The Northern Ontario Party says the Premier is good at delivering promises for the GTA.  However party President Trevor Holliday says Kathleen Wynne has failed to deliver hope to the people of Northern Ontario.  The NOP says young First Nation people continue to commit suicide, drug overdoses remain high and many northern and rural people are homeless.  The party believes the way to fix some of these problems is through jobs.  Holliday says when the economy is doing well, most people are also well.  But Holliday adds the high cost of hydro and red tape are keeping investors away and adds this has to change.  Holliday says jobs also help to improve the social fabric of communities and is vowing to fight for prosperity.  The NOP says if the Liberals want to make the north a better place for business people to invest in, then the government has to start explaining to investors about the benefits of Northern Ontario.    Holliday says there are plenty of benefits.  He says the north has many skilled people, land is cheap and there are plenty of transportation options that can be used to bring products to customers.  Holliday says the north has been on a downward spiral for a long time and believes the NOP can reverse the trend.